Dear New Genesis Health and Green Herb Family,

This letter serves two purposes, first I want to introduce myself. My name is Dave Phillips.  I am Tom and Linda's middle son.  My father asked me to come work for him a few months ago, and after much thought and prayer, I decided to leave my career and join the family business.  I am a very hands on manager, and feel my job is to assist and encourage the New Genesis Health and Green Herb staff and contractors to be their best, and serve you to the best of their abilities.

The second purpose of this letter is to provide you with advance notice that our prices and discounts will be changing in 2015, and inform you as to why our prices have to change.  The Federal Government has passed new legislation which requires us as well as all other Nutraceutical Manufacturers that produce in or ship to the United States to perform Atomic Spectroscopy testing on received and produced products.  This testing is required to begin in 2015. The equipment, training and staffing costs are daunting.

Most of you know Tom and Linda, and can imagine the pain and heartbreak they felt when they realized that we would have to implement a price increase in order to remain in business.  They didn't start The Green Herb to become wealthy, but to help you with nutritional choices and allow you to take control of your own health, after traditional medicine had failed you.

Both Tom and Linda want me to assure you that we will keep the pricing changes as slight as we possibly can.  However, you can expect an approximate 12% increase over our current prices.  The new pricing structure will be put in place on Thursday January 1.  They also wanted me to reiterate that this is not a choice that they willingly made, but a mandate that the Federal Government is imposing upon us.  We have been backed into a corner, and must comply or be forced out of business.  We will not be adding unnecessary or potentially harmful fillers to our products as a way to reduce costs.  We will continue to produce the highest quality formulations from the most pure herbs from around the world.  Your health and wellness is still, and will always be our number one priority!

We so appreciate you allowing us to be a part of your health and wellness choices.          
We truly do consider you to be “our family”.

Dave Phillips