Greetings from Dr. Mike Cass and the Green Herb family

As we move forward our goal is to provide you with the best service available in holistic and natural health. We have over 150 products each carefully combined to maximize bio-availability and reactivity in the human body. Our philosophy is never to treat symptoms. All symptoms have a cause and we strive to determine the cause of any symptom, disorder or syndrome . In this way you can break the cycle which is stopping you from living in the quality of health you were meant to have. 

So, no matter if you are in the ideal situation of maintaining good health or if you have real issues which are keeping you from living the health you should have, do not wait to visit us.  We at the Green Herb and Cass Chiropractic have established a natural health clinic and herbal pharmacy to provide you with a unique blend of tests, education, experience and resources that is unparalleled in the field.

Live blood cell analysis.

This is a wonderful test which requires only a finger prick and is performed in office by Dr Cass. This truly is an analysis of live blood which imparts a multitude of vital information about the human body. This test is done with a Darkfield microscope which is a modern tool used in biologic research. With this we use a specialized video camera which feeds the real time image to a television monitor so you the patient can follow the Doctor through the whole test as it is happening. From the information Dr. Cass can identify several key factors including vitamin/mineral deficiencies, toxicities, organ stress, digestion and parasitic organisms. We then use this information to determine exactly what your body is needing.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Dr. Cass is trained in traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture. This further diversifies not only the ability to asses and diagnose but gives an outstanding method of treatment for a wide variety of disorders. Among these are hormone imballance, allergy elimination, asthma and others. Acupuncture can successfully treat any type of injury as well as greatly speed the healing process. Also, pain from spinal dysfunction, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or head aches have been treated with amazing results.


Chiropractic care is a well established and extremely safe method of healing and wellness. Anyone of any age can be adjusted. Dr. Cass is versed in a variety of techniques and will determine which one or which combination would be best for you. Because of the close relationship of the spine and central nervous system misalignment of spinal segments can be very detrimental to overall health. Spinal misalignments can result in pain and interference in normal communication and function of the nervous system and therefore every aspect of human physiology.

Health profile with Linda.

Linda Phillips brings 20 yrs of experience and expertise to the clinic in nutritional and herbal healing. The health and nutritional profile is a free service offered by Linda which tells us your current and past health and nutritional history. This is a comprehensive process which takes about an hour and allows Linda a detailed assessment of how your past and present health work together. This combined with the Live blood analysis has given us the ability to gain great insight into your internal environment and make specific suggestions to solve and improve any health related issue.

Massage Therapy with Margo.

Massage Therapy is a very effective tool in promoting over health and wellness, and the practice of using touch as a healing modality has been in existence for over 5000 years. The benefits of receiving regular massage treatments include a reduction in muscle aches and pains, an improvement in joint range of motion, an increase in circulation, a lessening of depression and anxiety, and a greater sense of well-being. Margo will tailor a massage session to the client’s specific needs and offers therapeutic services to include Swedish, deep tissue and pre/postnatal massage.

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