Brain Power

Brain power, who doesn’t want a more powerful brain? In our world of constant bombardment of
chemicals and overstimulation on so many fronts, your brain is a warrior that does its best to make
sense of it all even when sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.

7 Emerging Benefits of Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) Bacopa monnieri, also known as water hyssop (and a few other names),
is used to support brain functions such as memory, creativity and
motivation. Originally from India, it grows in waterlogged and swampy
areas all around the world. You can even use it in your fish tank as a
decorative plant. It is a “creeping herb” that has been used since ancient
times for a variety of medical purposes. You can find references to the
Greek philosopher and physician Hippocrates (460–377 BC) using bacopa monnieri to strengthen the

Your brain is complex and amazing, it is doing its best to navigate this crazy world. For all these reasons and more, we recommend Brain Power, period.

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