Salt Therapy - For Your Lungs, Well-Being and Other Great Benefits!

Salt. Such a valuable mineral, so taken for granted. It is tasty, it preserves, it is essential to our body’s health. We put salt licks out for our horses, we use it for nasal rinses, for pickling, of course on our popcorn, and in so many other ways.

Have you ever been to the dead sea in Israel? The salt is so concentrated that you can float on it. People go to bathe in the salt water to seek healing for a variety of skin and other ailments. My late husband suffered for years from psoriasis, which was a side effect from an illness that was damaging his liver. He decided to go to the dead sea for a month because he had heard about what that concentrated salt might do for his skin. While there he bathed in the salty water several times each day. My two children and I joined him for the last week of his stay there. Amazingly after three weeks his skin was as clear and soft as a baby’s. This is known as “wet” salt therapy.

There is also “dry” salt therapy which is not bathing in, but rather breathing in salty air that is circulated in a room, chamber or a “salt cave”. It has been practiced in Europe and Asia for a few hundred years. In Eastern Europe it was discovered that salt miners stayed healthy during the years of the black plague that killed millions and even the horses that pulled the salt-filled wagons out of the mines lived several years longer than average.

According to American Spa Magazine (August 2019) there are around 750 salt therapy rooms in the U.S. There are about a dozen spas in the Colorado region that offer a salt therapy experience ranging from a simple halogenerator to a full-blown salt cave with salty stalactites and stalagmites. The Salt Therapy Association website notes that halotherapy benefits adults, children and even animals. There are even horse-therapy salt rooms. Also it states that people who suffer from “…a variety of respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, common cold, bronchitis, COPD, cystic fibrosis, eczema, psoriasis, acne and even those recovering from cosmetic surgery…” may find relief.

At New Genesis Health we have recently opened our own salt therapy room in our wellness center in Wheat Ridge. We offer salt-breathing sessions within beautiful back-lighted Himalayan salt walls, salt lamps, salt sand underfoot, and a wall-size mural of the seashore as seen through the stone arch at Praia de Albandiera of Portugal. In hourly sessions throughout the day, a halogenerator circulates pharmaceutical grade salt through the air. How wonderful it is to breathe that salty air – pandemic precautions in place! Please feel free to call or stop by, we would love to give you a tour and tell you more about our salt therapy room and other offerings at New Genesis Health.

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