Support Your Sphincter!

Did you know that the acid in your stomach could dissolve steel if it were given a chance? One of the components in your caustic digestive gruel is actually hydrochloric acid. That’s why it burns when it backs up into your esophagus. Poor esophagus, poor you! That acid is never supposed to escape from its abode within the protected walls of the stomach lining.

Roughly a quarter of the people in the U.S. regularly experience acid reflux – that burning in the gut. Putting out that burn drives a major industry of would be over the counter (as well as pharmaceutical) solutions. Unfortunately, ingesting chalky tablets, thick pink liquids and even prescription drugs, might be doing more long-term harm than good. Your body actually needs that acid in your stomach to successfully digest your food, particularly high proteins, so that you can glean all the needed nutrients. That acid also protects your body from harmful invasions of bad microbes. On the other hand, a continual attack of acid backing into your esophagus is painful and can eventually lead to ulcers and even cancer. What to do?

Researchers have found that one reason that acid flows up into your esophagus when it is not supposed to is because the sphincter at the top of your stomach doesn’t get the signal to close up when there is not enough acid. Low acidity, meaning a too high PH level, could be the cause of all this trouble in the first place. There are many reasons why you might have a higher PH level in your stomach than you should. So taking anti-acids, while cooling things off in the short term, actually could be exacerbating things in a bad way over the long-term. Isn’t it amazing to think that you may actually have too little acid not too much. If you increase the acidity level (lowering your stomach PH factor) to where it should be your digestive processes can normalize and your sphincter can get back to doing its job.

At New Genesis Health, we offer a product called HCL Plus. The main ingredient is hydrochloric acid derived from Betaine hydrochloride. HCL Plus with a proprietary formula of hydrochloric acid, papain and ginger root, is meant to build back the acid in your stomach so that your amazing digestive tract can do what it needs to do without overflowing where it’s not supposed to be. However, this is not a supplement to be used casually. My own experience with HCL Plus reinforced that truth. I once took two capsules about a half hour after a big meal thinking it would help my body digest all that food. That was a mistake and I felt the burn literally for two days afterwards. I finally remembered FOS, and that put out the fire. But then a few days later I had a steak dinner and felt I needed to see what was up with the HCL Plus. This time I took one capsule mid-meal and it helped my digestive tract process the acidic proteins tremendously. Lesson learned about timing and dosage.

When the inputs, processes and outputs are working the way they should, the body’s natural signals can function the way they are meant to. So do it the right way. Support your sphincter! Your HCL Plus is waiting for you if you need it.

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