Artichoke Extra
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Artichoke Extra

No matter how hard you try, is cholesterol or triglycerides still a challenge and worry? When you feel sluggish and tired no matter what you do, or what you eat, you may need to clean up your liver and tone up your digestive system. With our diet of over processed over refined foods, which are full of sugars, and given the amount of environmental pollutants, you can end up with more toxins than your liver can process. You can also end up with digestive irregularities and poor absorption. If you would like a natural way to help support a sluggish liver as well as help with lowering cholesterol and triglycerides you need to try Artichoke Extra. With Artichoke Extra you get the botanicals that have been used for centuries to help with liver detoxification, breaking down fats, lowering blood lipids, supporting cardiovascular function, and scavenging free radicals. By cleaning and supporting your digestive system you can help renew your energy. Elevated blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels can lead to plaque-filled arteries, which can lead to many health problems. Blood lipid levels generally reflect the type of diet consumed, especially if it is high in cholesterol or saturated fats. This can lead to a sluggish liver and digestive irregularities. The botanicals in this formula have been have been traditionally consumed to help detoxify the liver, aid digestion, and help assist the body with lowering blood lipid levels.


Light Cleanse - Every day liver support

2 capsules a day

Medium Cleanse - up to 8 month corrective cleanse

2 Capsules 2x a day

Heavy Cleanse (150 +) - 1 month intensive cleanse

2 Capsules 3x a day

Each capsule contains

Artichoke Extract 200mg
liver tonic to help use fats for energy, promotes circulation, diuretic, digestive aid, contains both sodium and potassium in proper balance, also contains the other essential minerals such as magnesium needed for muscle function,
Turmeric Extract 350mg
anti-inflammatory, liver tonic, stimulates blood flow, helps with fat breakdown, possible anti-coagulant, possible anti-bacterial properties, anti-fungal properties

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