Brute Force
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Brute Force

   Brute Force is our own exclusive blend, a creatine mixture. We only use German creatine that is so powerfully effective that many users have said, "It felt like someone was helping me lift." Along with the German creatine is the vital Arginine AKG (nutrient transporter), Taurine (work stronger/longer), and Pyroglutamic Acid (increased energy) to push you to the Next Level. You will truly notice the incredible potency of our creatine your first workout!


   The creatine that Next Level Formulations uses in our Brute Force Creatine blend that is only the finest creatine obtainable, Creapure. Creapure has been proven again and again, in the most stringent of tests, to have the highest level of purity and the greatest level of effectiveness, of any creatine available on the market. At Next Level Formulations, we saw all of these mistakes that other companies had made, and we corrected them. The Berzerker Stak began as an idea with a fundamentally simpler and better concept. We took all of the ingredients with a strong or an unpleasant taste, the ingredients which won't easily dissolve in water, and put them into capsules instead. We don't have to dilute our Brute Force Creatine blend with an excess of sweetener and flavoring because the premium Creapure creatine, Arginine AKG, Pyroglutamic Acid, and Taurine that we use are almost tasteless and dissolve easily in water. You also get a great deal more of these 4 critical ingredients in each scoop you take, and far less flavoring and sweetener, a much better value for your money.


Using our Brute Force creatine blend before you train will make you feel like an invisible force is actually helping you power through your workout!

Supplement Facts

Critical Ingredients
Creatine Monohydrate

Pyroglutamic Acid

Arginine AKG



Citrus Flavor


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