Formula RA
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Formula RA

helps alleviate rheumatoid related symptoms

If you suffer the pain and stiffness of arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis, you need to try Formula R.A. to get the relief you've been seeking. R.A. is classified as an autoimmune disease, and while no single cause of R.A. has been identified there are a number of theories. They range from food allergies to leaky gut syndrome. The standard American diet definitely seems to be a factor; R.A. is not found in cultures that eat a diet of plant-based foods without fats, meat, sugar, and refined foods. This may explain why the natural cleansers offer greater long term benefits than anti-inflammatory drugs that work on pain but don't work to heal, and may actually aggravate the gut.

Each capsule contains

Wild Yam
remedy for rheumatic pains arising from hepatic/intestinal dysfunction
Suma Root
tonic, adaptogen, combats stress, anemia, fatigue, enhances oxygenation & can reduce cholesterol
anti-inflammatory, liver tonic
Devil's Claw Root
contains harpagosides that reduce joint inflammation
Parsley Root
antioxidant, kidney tonic, diuretic, rich in Vitamin C, A, E, minerals, mild anti-bacterial
Schizandrae Berries
improves immunocompetence
inhibits PG's & histamine release during inflammatory response
Artichoke Leaf
liver tonic
Uva Ursi Leaf
soothes & protects irritated or inflamed internal tissue
Angelica Root
tonic, vulnerary, cholagogue, anti-inflammatory
Nettles Leaf
general detoxifying remedy for systemic problems
rich in minerals, astringent, diuretic, vulnerary

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