Meta Tone
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Meta Tone

promotes proper thyroid function

Meta Tone is formulated to give you the natural nutritional support your thyroid needs to help insure better health. The thyroid gland is the bodyĆ­s internal thermostat, which controls temperature and determines how quickly the body burns calories. Low thyroid function can have many different symptoms such as recurrent infections, fatigue, low tolerance to cold, depression, weight gain, hair loss, trouble concentrating, and even muscle weakness. When you consider just how important proper thyroid function is, you can see how crucial proper nutrition becomes. Try Meta Tone to help feed your thyroid!

Each capsule contains

improves thyroid functioning and tonicity of the general system
essential for proper use of carbohydrates
contains all 43 trace minerals
Irish Moss
rich in minerals, vitamin A, vitamin B1
Beet Root
significant tumor inhibiting effects
White Oak Bark
high astringent
nutritive, rich mineral content
Bayberry Bark
stimulates circulatory & eliminative organs
Black Walnut Hull
tonic, astringent, laxative
Black Cohosh Root
beneficial effects on the circulatory system

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