Muscl-Eze Tea
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Muscl-Eze Tea

Muscles tight? Muscles spasms? Menstrual cramps? Worked out too hard? Try Muscl Eze Tea and relax with a cup of Green Herb's best muscle relaxant!

Licorice Root
cleanses the colon, reduces muscle spasms, increases fluidity of mucus in the lungs and bronchial tubes and promotes adrenal gland function.
Squaw Vine Herb
emmenagogue, diuretic, astringent, tonic.
Wood Betony
tones and strengthens the nervous system, good for nerve pain, headaches, relaxes muscles, calms hyperactivity, improves circulatory system.
Marshmallow Root
soothes irritated membranes & tissues, expectorant, abundant mucilage, demulcent, diuretic.
Catnip Herb
volitile oils act as carminative, anti-spasmodic, diaphoretic, nervine, astringent; good for anxiety, colds and flu, inflammation, pains and lowers fever.
Black Cohosh Root
utilized for asthma and rheumatism, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels; reduces mucous production and relieves menopausal symptoms menstrual cramps with back pain.
Peppermint Leaf
increases stomach acidity therefore aiding digestion; slightly anesthetizes mucous membranes and the gastrointestinal tract; useful for chills, colic, diarrhea, headache, heart trouble, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, poor appetite, rheumatism and spasms.
Red Raspberry Leaf
excellent astringent to help alleviate diarrhea, also calms the stomach to allay nausea and vomiting, antiviral, good long term tonic and nutritive: rich in iron & calcium; mild laxative, parturient.
Uva Ursi Leaf
soothes & protects irritated or inflamed internal tissue; diuretic, astringent, demulcent, anti-septic & astringent of urinary tract membranes
Sarsaparilla Root
promotes excretion of fluids, increases energy, protects against harm from radiation exposure and regulates hormones; useful for disorders caused by blood impurities, and useful for frigidity, hives, impotence, infertility, nervous system disorders, premenstrual syndrome, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.
Slippery Elm Bark
is a soothing demulcent for irritation anywhere in the digestive tract; it soothes inflamed mucous membranes of the bowels, stomach and urinary tract; beneficial for Crohnís disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis, diverticulitis and gastritis.
Red Clover Tops
has expectorant, antispasmodic and relaxing effects; good for skin disorders, kidney problems, inflammatory bowel disorders, coughs, bronchitis, HIV and AIDS and weakened immune system.
Fennel Seed
anti-spasmodic to relieve abdominal pain, gas, and spasms of the gastrointestinal tract, stomach and intestinal remedy useful for acid stomach, stimulates digestion and promotes function of the kidneys, liver and spleen.
sweet tasting, lowers elevated blood pressure (hypertension), digestive aid that also reduces gas and stomach acidity, and for obesity; acts as general tonic which increases energy levels and mental acuity.

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