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testosterone booster

Muscl-Max is an amazing testosterone booster, coupled with the intensely potent sterol; DHEA. Through this unique combination, Muscl-Max is able to significantly increase Testosterone production allowing for enhanced libido, mental focus, mood, and athletic performance, safely and naturally! Muscl-Max provides the testosterone boost you need!

Each capsule contains

Tribulus Terestris Extract
help to increase stamina and preserve lean muscle; also known to help maintain bone strength and support the immune system. May increase the body’s natural testosterone levels.
Suma Extract
can result in increased endurance, stress resistance, enhanced immune function, decreased inflammation, accelerated wound and fracture healing, decreased cholesterol levels and increased synthesis of protein.
Maca Extract
stimulates sympathetic autonomic nervous system; eases spasms in bronchial tubes; relaxes airways.
is said to stimulate production of natural hormones (testosterone), which may help to restore both sexual interest and erectile function.
natural hormone, enhances energy and memory, anti-aging, anti-depressant, improves libido, and increases immune function.
Opti Zinc
assists with immune function; nerve function; reproduction, growth and development; proper digestion; eye health; healthy skin, hair and nails; healthy testosterone levels.
Vanadyl Sulfate
found in eggs, vegetable oils, pepper, buckwheat, oats, radishes and dill. Vanadyl sulfate is a synthetic form of insulin so it can be good for diabetics, body builders, and weight loss.
Rice Flour
is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. Is rich in manganese, which helps in the proper development of bones and cartilage.

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