Nu Eze
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Nu Eze

reduces body aches

Nature offers many alternatives for pain relief. With Nu-Eze you can now have the best of these to help you manage life's aches and pains naturally. We all know that if we take too many of the over the counter products, we can have undesirable side effects ranging from upset stomach to liver and kidney damage. Instead of relying on synthetics, try the herbs used for generations to help with pain, and general aches.

Each capsule contains

Whtie Willow Bark
contains esters of salicylic acid, nature's aspirin
Wood Betony
analgesic, astringent, alterative, tonic
Peppermint Leaf
volatile oil acts as mild anaesthetic
Ginkgo Bilboa Leaf
tones the small blood vessels of the body
Wild Lettuce
anodyne, anti-spasmodic, soporific, sedative
Kola Nut Berries
traditional remedy for headache & migraine headache pain
Schizandrea Berries
adaptogen, mildly sedative
Cherry Bark
relieves irritation of mucous surfaces, anti-spasmodic
Valerian Root
provides equalizing effect (amphoretic)
Ginger Root
anodyne properties

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