Para Tract (Nu Trac)
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Para Tract (Nu Trac)

natural anti-microbial properties

If you are constantly fatigued, have abdominal cramps, gas, diarrhea, or foul smelling stools you may have a parasitic infection. The number of parasitic infections is growing, and becoming a common concern. This is due to the fact that we donĂ­t know what is in the water we drink, or the food we eat, and given the ease of international travel we never know what we may bring back with us. So you can see just how important it is to keep your intestinal tract clear of parasites! With Nu Trac no matter which kind of parasite you have, single cell organisms, worms, or flukes, you get the very best anti-parasitical botanicals available, as well as the botanicals which will help restore intestinal health.

Each capsule contains

Black Walnut Hull
tonic, astringent, laxative, anti-microbial
Sage Leaf
carminative, anti-microbial, astringent, tonic
Burdock Root
alternative, diuretic, bitter
anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral, stimulant, carminative
Barberry Bark
corrects liver functioning, body cleansing agent
Pumpkin Seed
mild laxative, diuretic
Pau D'Arco Bark
potential anti-fungal, anti-tumor & anti-cancer properties
Echinacea Angustifolia
facilitates responsiveness of immune system
Wood Betony
bitter, tonic, astringent, alterative, calmative
Butternut Bark
anthelmintic, increases manufacture & elimination of bile
White Oak Bark
remedy for certain infections involving excessive discharge
Sheep Sorrel
vermifuge, diuretic
Cabbage Seed
possesses anti-carcinogenic properties
Senna Leaf
stimulates intestinal peristalsis

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