Nu Woman
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Nu Woman

fortifies female systems

Nu-Woman is specifically formulated to help you have those good days all month long! Does this sound to good to be true, because for a part of the month you suffer from PMS, cramping, excess bleeding, or other hormonal problems? The good news is that by taking Nu-Woman it can be true for you! Unlike products that only work on the symptoms of PMS, Nu-Woman works to balance your body all month long. You deserve to have the natural herbal solution that will keep you on track and vibrant! Nu-Woman helps you keep your positive outlook, not only through PMS, but all month long!

Each capsule contains

Licorice Root
acts to provide hormonal balance
False Unicorn Root
diuretic, calming effects
Damiana Leaf
tones hormonal system, soothes irritation of mucous membranes
Sarsaparilla Root
steroid saponis & genins similar to sex hormones
Echinacea Root
inhances immune response via activation of macrophages
Black Cohosh Root
relaxant & normalizer of female reproductive tract
Hydrangea Root
sedative to pain and distress in kidneys and bladder

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