Nutri C
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Nutri C

rich source of vitamin c & citrus bioflavinoids

Why do we say Nutri C is the best way to take vitamin C? Its simple, we looked at the best natural sources of vitamin C and found they almost all contained bioflavonoids as well. This is because bioflavonoids enhance the absorption of vitamin C, and the two need to be taken together, as nature intended. Then we added Rose Hips and the very best botanicals we could find to insure the maximum absorption, without stomach upset, so that Nutri C can give you the strongest protection possible. You know you need vitamin C, now you know why you need Nutri C!

Each capsule contains

Vitamin C
anti-oxidant, essential for the formation of collagen and thyroxine, adrenal, and other hormones, DNA synthesis, iron absorption, vital for immune functions (lymphocytes)
anti-oxidant, enhances Vitamin C absorption, exerts beneficial effects on circulation and capillary permeability
high in Vitamin C content, good for bladder problems and all infections
Papaya Leaf
contains Vitamin C, Calcium and trace minerals, good for heartburn
Parsley Root
rich in Vitamin C, A, E, anti-oxidants, minerals, mild anti-bacterial
Ginger Root
anti-oxidant, cardio tonic, anti-microbial, stomach calmative

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