Nutri Flex
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Nutri Flex

relieves sore joints

If you wake up in the morning and it takes you to long to limber up and get your joint working, you may need to feed your joints differently. In times past our diets included foods that were cleansing, lubricating, and soothing for our joints and connective tissue. But now with our modern diet these foods are missing, and joint stiffness seems to be on the rise. Now you can have these same benefits from natureís herbs. With Nutri Flex you get the herbs that have been used for centuries to help keep the joints mobile.

Each capsule contains

Yucca Root
Devils Claw Root
contains harpagosides that reduce joint inflammation
liver tonic, stimulates blood flow
Sarsaparilla Root
aids diffuse systemic problems, muscle tonic
Hydrangea Root
sedative to pain and distress
eases spasms in bronchio tubes
White Willow Bark
contains esters of salicylic acid, natureís aspirin
Wild Lettuce
remedy for over active nervous system
Black Cohosh Root
stimulates kidneys & bladder to eliminate uric acid
inhibits prostaglandin & histamine release during inflammatory response
Ginger Root
diaphoretic protects liver and stomach, anti-spasmodic useful for bowl disorders, indigestion, and nausea, potential anti-microbial properties, anti-spasmodic, strong anti-oxidant, anodyne in GI pain, anti-inflammatory useful for headaches, muscle pain, and vomiting, good for motion sickness

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