Nutri HBP
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Nutri HBP

hypotensive properties

If you have high blood pressure you already know that you are at risk for a heart attack or stroke. It is estimated that sixty million Americans have high blood pressure, ranging from borderline to severe, but over eighty percent of patients fall into the borderline to moderate range. This is good news because most cases of high blood pressure can be brought under control through changes in diet and lifestyle. In fact in studies comparing non-drug therapies, including diet, exercise, relaxation, and supplements have proven to be superior to drugs in cases of borderline to mild hypertension. Nutri H.B.P. gives you the botanicals to help you bring your blood pressure back in line and lower your risk factors!

Each capsule contains

Hawthorne Berries
HTN decreases via stabilization of cardiac function
Ginkgo Biloba Leaf
tones the small blood vessels of the body
Black Cohosh Root
hypotensive, vasodilatory
Dong Quai Root
aids in reducing the incidence of cardiac arrhythmias
Butcher'S Broom Root
vascular tonic
Eleuthro Root
a powerful adaptogen
Rosemary Leaf
tonic for vaso-motor function & peripheral circulation
Suma Root
can reduce cholesterol
Fo Ti Root
cardio-tonic, vasodilatory, hypotensive activity
Fennel Seed
stimulates digestion
rich in minerals, diuretic
cardiovascular & digestive tonic

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