Nutri Pain
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Nutri Pain

reduces joint pains

Now you can just say NO to arthritis pain and inflammation! Joint and connective tissue stiffness can keep you from enjoying life. As you age, or as a result of an injury, or just plain old wear and tear on your joints, you can end up with the pain and stiffness of arthritis. If you suffer from arthritis, and you have tried all of the anti-inflammatory drugs but you donít want the side effects, you deserve to have natural relief. Now with Nutri Pain you get the very best herbs that are not only anti-inflammatory, but are also soothing and healing. Donít accept a synthetic copy of nature, with only part of the answer, you deserve the original, insist on Nutri Pain!

Each capsule contains

White Willow Bark
contains esters of salicylic acid, natureís aspirin
Cherry Bark
contains silica which can reduce hemorrhage
Yucca Root
Licorice Root
enhanced antibody production
Yellow Dock Root
restorative influence, removes morbific material
Black Cohosh Root
stimulates kidneys & bladder to eliminate uric acid
Black Walnut Hull
body tonic
pain reliever

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