Nutri Power Pack
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Nutri Power Pack

30 - 8 capsule packets

Daily Nutritional Support for Super Active People

Ideal for Everyone looking for Super Nutrition to increase their athletic performance or for recovery and rehabilitation

If you participate in high activity sports and you fatigue half way through your game or you wear out half way through your workout , then you are not getting enough of the right nutrition.

Hundreds of scientific studies have proven that intense physical activity, which occurs during training and competition, depletes many critical nutrients which are vital for optimum performance! Stress, strain and exertion burn up vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients. These elements must be replaced regularly if the athlete is going to avoid below par performance, injury and illness.

Try the right nutrition with the Nutri-Power Pack and see the results of an increased workout. Give yourself that extra boost with the Nutri-Power Pack and get a competitive advantage without harmful drugs or synthetic steroids. These convenient daily packs contain 19 vitamins and minerals, 21 herbs, and 17 amino acids which have been proven to enhance performance and help build good health. These nutrients are also essential for repair and recovery, in other words the same nutrition used to build the body also repair the body.

  • Full spectrum of nutritional elements necessary for PEAK PERFORMANCE!
  • Balanced program to support the body for increased HEALTH and ENERGY!
  • Dynamic way to stay in shape with natural nutrition for QUICK RESULTES!
  • Safe, positive way to nutritionally fortify body systems controlling STRENGTH, ENERGY, POWER and ENDURANCE!
  • Complete nutrition necessary for RECOVERY and REHABILITATION!

Why use only Natural

Many athletes originally tried synthetic steroids and other drugs to improve their performance. These types of substances were banned when it became obvious they were harmful to the athletes long-term health, even though they often did create short-term benefits. This forced sports scientists and trainers to search for alternatives, which would not only enhance performance and nourish the body but be legal for competition. The result was years of testing various nutrients and herbs for their effect on athletic performance. They soon proved that dozens of these naturally occurring nutrients, when taken in combination and on a consistent basis, did indeed improve performance.

Nutri-Power Pack delivers many of these same supplements as well as the latest power-house nutrients developed to create the winning edge.

Performance without protection is self defeating

Nutri-Power Packs not only replace the many nutrients needed to stay in top shape, they also provide a unique mopping up or scavenging action on the waste materials produced during heavy physical activity. While it is important to provide positive nutrition it is just as important to keep lactic acid and other substances produced by the body during exercise at the lowest possible levels. These toxins and metatoxins contribute to fatigue, cramping, low energy levels, and generally poor physical performance. Get the best "Dual Action" approach for enhanced performance and recovery, available only from Nutri-Power Packs. Designed for the super active person, athlete or non-athlete alike, to perform at their peak in their daily activities.

Each packet contains

  • 2 — Powered Aminos: Free form amino acid tablet gives you highly assimilable protein for healthy muscle, skin, nerves, and repair
  • 2 — Muscl-Mass: Better bulk, mass and definition with Nature's botanical alternative to harmful synthetics.
  • 1 — Nutri-B: A synergistic, balanced blend of B vitamins, C and Minerals to replace critical nutrition burned up from high energy out-put.
  • 1 — OXY Plus: Maximize your oxigination and get the ultimate Super-Foods rich in Iron, Vitamin C, and naturally occurring aminos to fortify your blood.
  • 1 — Joint Soothe: Flexible joints, ligaments, and tendons means fewer injuries with less inflammation. Cut down time from training and competition.
  • 1 — System Clear: Finally a way to deal with the by-products of intense physical performance, such as lactic acid and other meta-toxins. Proper elimination insures toxins won't slow you down.

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