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promotes natural diuresis

When you want to reduce fluid retention naturally with out unbalancing your electrolytes you need Nutri-Red-Ik. If you are confused about diuretics you should know most diuretics are only concerned with removing fluid, and can cause too much of a drop in potassium. Nutri-Red-Ik is formulated with the botanicals that have diuretic action as well as helping to balance the sodium, potassium and chloride. Then we also added the best botanicals, which tone the urinary system, and help to remove the toxins naturally. With Nutri-Red-Ik you can have a balanced approach aiding the body to shed water.

Each capsule contains

Marshmallow Root
diuretic, abundant mucilage
Uvi Ursi Leaf
diuretic, astringent, demulcent, anti-septic & astringent
diuretic, tonic of the lymphatic system, facilitates detoxification
Alfalfa Leaf
nutritive, mucilage, rich in minerals
Hydrangea Root
potassium supplement, diuretic
kidney tonic
Celery Seed
diuretic, volatile oil apiol acts as an uniary antiseptic
Sarsaparilla Root
aids diffuse systemic problems, toxic waste removal
Cornsilk Flowers
tonic, urinary demulcent, diuretic
genitourinary astringent, diuretic
Parsley Root
kidney tonic, diuretic
Damiana Leaf
general tonic, urinary antiseptic
Dandelion Leaf
diuretic, replaces potassium, stimulates kidney function
Burdock Root
alterative, diuretic, bitter
Nettles Leaf
acts as a diuretic, expectorant, pain reliever and general detoxifying remedy .
Black Cohosh Root
stimulates kidneys & bladder to eliminate uric acid

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