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joint and nerve repair

Cleanses nerves and aids nerve repair from accidental injury, surgeries and degenerative disease.

Each capsule contains

has a soothing effect on stomach, aids in fat, carbohydrate & protein digestion.
Papaya Leaf
best known as a digestive aid; has antibacterial action against Bacillus cereus, Escherischia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, and Shigella flexneri. Has nerve cleansing properties (myelin cells on the nerve shaft)
Wood Betony
tones blood vessels, tones and strengthens the nervous system, good for nerve pain, headaches, improves circulatory system
Feverfew Herb
inhibits prostaglandin & histamine release during inflammatory response.
Vitamin B1
essential for carbohydrate metabolism, energy, and nerve function, cognitive activity and brain function, anti-oxidant
Vitamin B6
aid with amino acid metabolism, blood cell synthesis, neurotransmitter metabolism, and the formation of antibodies.
Opti Zinc
assists with immune function; nerve function; reproduction, growth and development; proper digestion; eye health; healthy skin, hair and nails; healthy testosterone levels.

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