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Syn Clear

sinus anti-catarrhal

If you have ever had a sinus headache, where you thought your head would explode, you know that SINUS INFLAMMATION, PRESSURE, and PAIN can ruin your whole day! If have tried over the counter remedies, but didnĂ­t like the side effects, you should try a natural alternative to help open your sinuses, and reduce the pain. Syn-Clear is formulated with the botanicals, which will not only help open your sinuses, but are also soothing to your mucus producing membranes to help reduce sinus inflammation. When you need to un-plug your sinuses and get back in the game you need Syn-Clear!

Each capsule contains

Peppermint Leaf
stimulates bile & digestive juice flow
Horseradish Roots
diaphoretic chest remedy, stimulant, bitter, hepatic
Garlic Bulb
promotion of various excretory organ activity
Echinacea Angustifolia
facilitates responsiveness of immune system
relaxes airways
White Willow Bark
contains esters of salicylic acid & salicyl alcohol
Mullien Leaf
lung tonic, soothes irritated membranes
Marshmallow Root
soothes irritated membranes & tissue, expectorant
Beet Root
anti-catarrhal, sialagogue, expectorant, contains vitamin C

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