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System Boost

boost systemic responses

The healthier you are, the stronger your immune system is, but more importantly the stronger your immune system the healthier you stay! The immune system is constantly working to protect you. However the immune system is constantly under attack from many sources such as stress, lack of exercise, lifestyle, environmental pollution, and especially from a poor diet. So you can see just how important it is to help boost your immune system. System Boost is formulated with the botanicals that have been shown to help boost your immune system aid the body in fighting off bacteria, fungus, viruses, candida, and even cancer. Promote your health naturally by boosting the immune system.

Each capsule contains

Pau D'Arco Bark
stimulates nervous system activity, increases endurance
Chaparral Leaf
aids in lymphatic functioning
Echinacea Angustifolia
facilitates responsiveness of immune system
tonic of the lymphatic system, detoxification, diuretic, alterative
Barberry Bark
corrects liver functioning
Parsley Root
contains anti-oxidants, menadione, minerals
improves thyroid functioning and tonicity of the general system
Garlic Bulb
promotion of various excretory organ activity
Ginger Root
anti-oxidant, cardio-tonic, stimulant
Bayberry Bark
stimulates circulatory & eliminative organs function
nutritive, anti-viral, anti-tumor, mucilage

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