Tendon Aid
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Tendon Aid

aids in relieving connective tissue inflammation

Tendonitis? Aching elbows, wrists, knees after work or play? Many people associate this pain with overused muscles when in fact it often is tendons and ligaments. Try Tendon Aid: Proper complete nutrition to help your muscle & joints function at their best.

Each capsule contains

Yucca Root
anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory
Devils Claw Root
contains harpagosides that reduce joint inflammation
Hydrangea Root
potassium supplement, diuretic, tonic
White Willow Bark
contains pain relieving esters of salicylic acid
Peppermint Leaf
stimulates bile & digestive juice flow
Alfalfa Leaf
nutritive, mucilage, anti-rheumatic
Licorice Root
enhanced antibody production
Wild Lettuce
anodyne, anti-spasmodic, sedative
Yerba Mate Leaf
stimulant, cardio-tonic, vaso-dialator, diuretic
Black Cohosh Root
stimulates kidneys & bladder to eliminate uric acid
Black Walnut Hull
contains juglone which has anti-hemorrhagic effects
Horseradish Root
increases peripheral blood flow
cardiovascular & digestive tonic, pain reliever

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