Vas-Q-Lar Tone
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Vas-Q-Lar Tone

cardiovascular tonic

Vas-Q-Lar Tone is formulated to give you the ultimate heart tonic blend! It will help nourish and tone your entire cardiovascular system. This becomes very important if you, eat a typical diet high in fats and low in essential nutrients, have to much stress, donít get enough exercise, or if you are overweight. If you are short of breath after moderate exertion, or if your cholesterol and triglycerides are high, you should consider toning-up your cardiovascular system. Vas-Q-Lar Tone combines the botanicals, which have been shown to help improve circulation and heart muscle integrity, as well as improving oxygenation, lowering cholesterol, and helping with fluid retention. Also shown to be helpful in blood pressure balancing. If you love your heart youíll love Vas-Q-Lar Tone!

Each capsule contains

Hawthorne Berries
decreases via stabilization of cardiac function
Gingko Biloba Leaf
tones the small blood vessels of the body
Kola Nut
astringent, diuretic, tonic
Hydrangea Root
diuretic, tonic
Eleuthro Root
a powerful adaptogen
Wood Betony
helps relieve HTN symptoms, alterative, calmative
Fo Ti Root
cardio-tonic, vasodilatory, hypotensive activity
Peppermint Leaf
Celery Seed
diuretic, carminative

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