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Vir-L I

potential anti-viral properites

Do you have acne, skin blemishes, gingivitis, cold sores, or any of a number of other virus related problems? Do you find yourself fighting a viral infection and antibiotics just don't seem to help? The reason is antibiotic drugs are designed to fight bacterial infections not viral infections, so they cant help no matter how much you take. The good news is that there are a number of natural botanicals, which have shown anti-viral properties, to help you overcome these problems. You shouldnít have to live with viral problems when nature gives you a solution. Vir-l I contains what we feel are some of the best herbs that researchers are now looking at, to help you overcome viral infections.

Each capsule contains

Echinacea Root
stimulates immune response via activation of macrophages facilitates responsiveness of the lymphatic system, stimulates the body to fight bacterial and viral infection, stimulates certain white blood cells, helps remove toxins from the body, reduces inflammation
Sage Leaf
blood ëcleansingí properties, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, tonic, will help prevent night sweats, good for sore throat and tonsillitis, beneficial for fevers, one of the best herbs for stomach troubles, helps expel parasites
White Oak Bark
contains tannins or terpenes which explain the antiviral activity, tannins bind with the protein of the tissues and make them resistant to bacterial infection and at the same time strengthening the tissue, one of the strongest natural astringents as well as being anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, remedy for infections and intestinal problems
nutritive, astringent, tonic, believed to have antimicrobial and antifungal properties, anti-bacterial and antiviral action, good for sore throat and respiratory problems, used to combat fever, headaches and flu
Garlic Bulb
antibiotic, detoxifies and protects against infection, enhances immune function, lowers blood lipid levels, enhances the immune system, anti-bacterial, anti-viral to fight against colds and flu as well as sinusitis, improves circulation
Bayberry Bark
has astringent and antibiotic action, stimulates digestion and acts as a disinfectant for diarrhea, gastritis, and food poisoning, used for colds coughs and flu, raises the bodyís defenses and resistance to disease, reduces fever and aids circulation, acts as a decongestant

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