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potential anti-viral properties

You can't go thru life without being exposed to viruses of all types; they are simply a part of your everyday environment. Many people have been exposed to herpes simplex type 1, which typically causes cold sores, and skin eruptions, or in some cases shingles. It is estimated that between 40 and 80 percent of the population may be infected with HSV-1. Even though you canít avoid viruses, this does not mean that you must simply accept them or that there is nothing you can do about them. With Vir-L III you can fight viral infections, from herpes to warts, using natures best anti-viral and cleansing botanicals.

Each capsule contains

Echinacea Angustifolia
facilitates responsiveness of immune system
Sage Leaf
potential blood ëcleansingí properties
nutritive, carminative, anti-bacterial properties
Barberry Bark
corrects liver functioning, facilitates bile flow
Garlic Bulb
promotion of various excretory organ activity
White Oak Bark
remedy of certain infections involving excessive discharge
Bayberry Bark
circulatory stimulant, diaphoretic, possible antibiotic action
Sarsaparilla Root
aids diffuse systemic problems, aids toxic waste removal
Parsley Root
anti-oxidant, mild anti-bacterial, kidney tonic, diuretic, expectorant

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