Vir-L IV
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Vir-L IV

enhances immune surveillance against viruses

Are you depressed because you have an infection, or is the infection wearing you out and causing you to be depressed? Do you care which came first, or are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired? Viral infections can weaken your immune system, cause a build up of toxins, weaken your glandular system, and imbalance your digestive system. You can see how having an ongoing viral infection, even low grade, can leave you worn out and depressed! Vir-L IV could hold the answer for you, unlike antibiotics that canĂ­t work on viruses; it is formulated with the botanicals, which have been shown to help fight viral infections, cancer, depression, as well as strengthening your immune system.

Each capsule contains

St. John's Wort Root
promotes elimination of catabolic waste products
Cat's Claw Bark
possesses alkaloids that stimulate the immune system
Suma Root
adaptogen, tonic
Astragalus Root
immunomodulator, stimulates pituitary-adrenal cortical activity
Ginseng Root
adaptogen, body tonic
Pau D'Arco Bark
potential anti-fungal, anti-tumor & anti-canceral properties
Licorice Root
enhances antibody production
Irish Moss
anti-viral property, rich in minerals, vitamin A & B1
Chaparral Leaf
aids in lymphatic functioning
Angelica Root
astringent, tonic, diuretic, cholagogue, anti-inflammatory
Garlic Bulb
promotion of various excretory organ activity
Dandelion Root
liver tonic, stimulates bile production, rich in minerals

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