Women's Soy
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Women's Soy

If you suffer from night sweats or the myriad of discomforts associated with menopause you deserve the relief Women's Soy offers. In Japan where they consume soy as part of the diet they have no word for menopause! You deserve the same benefits even if you can't, or don't desire to eat soy products. The North American Menopause Society suggests that soy isoflavones can be natural alternative to estrogen replacement therapy. Independent researchers have discovered that isoflavones can increase bone mineral content, bone density and may help prevent or even reverse the effects of osteoporosis. With Women's Soy you get the best isoflavones blended with the natural botanicals used to help stop Hot Flashes, Night Sweats and Mood Swings associated with Menopause.

Each capsule contains

Soy Isoflavones-350mg
Mexican Wild Yam Root-100mg
Black Cohosh Root
Chaste Berry
Dong Quai
Gotu Kola
Licorice Root

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